Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Male Room - By my Side

The Male Room - By my Side

I LOVE this card
Masculine, and So pet friendly!
And I have tons of supplies to make more
It measure 4.25 x 4.25 Square

I made this with a Dteamie in mind that is so supportive and LOVES animals

This is for you!
(Lil'Private Joke: Hopefully this one will not detour through the Bahamas!)

Inkadinkadoo Dog Days
PTI Ltd Edition Reason to Smile Sentiment
Studio Calico Embellishment
DP Authentique Anchored
Memento Tuxedo Black
Copic E33 Sand

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CASology CUE Card #91: Garden!

CASology CUE Card #91: Garden!

Ohhh an excuse for lovely spring goodness!
Yay, I am all behind this CUE!

Don't be afraid to use some of those new 
stencil inking skills!
If you are like me, you want to delve into it..
but are somewhat hesitant.  
 I have a few tips below!

I want to see you get inky!
Join us at CASology this week!

Some CAS Design Tips:

- One layer is less bulky and perfect for CAS cards
- Minimal imagery keeps it from being "busy" or cluttered
- Lots of FREE or open, "white" space simplifies the design
- "Less is More" on colors keeps it pleasingly CAS

I used the rule of three, kept the colors minimal by using only two and balancing them on the card.

This week the Wonderful Sponsor is:  

Kimberly Wiener- You are here!!!

TIPS Blending Tools:  What do I use?

I use Tim Holtz Distressed Inks
And for the blending tool.....No need for expensive tools 
I use Makeup Wedge Sponges!

I was having difficulty with the blending tools I had bought "specifically" for distress ink blending
I bought this package of Covergirl brand, only because I was out and about and was actually buying mascara when I spotted them and thought, hey, those will probably work better than that rough nubby cloth I have on the end of that tool.  So you can buy any kind really of the makeup sponges that are smaller and cheaper, but I bought these because of convenience, and they are larger so I can really grip them. I suggest shopping around. You can probably buy bulk if you need.

The sponges are finer, and if you use soft circular patterned movement, and practice, you will be a pro in moments!


I am messy, it gets messy, and I use it for 2 colors.
I LOVE the way they blend though!
Place it in a sandwich baggie, 
and you are good to go.


Muse'ing Again!

Muse'ing Again!

Are you?
Link up, I will see you 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Casing Jill Foster - for Case Study

Casing Jill Foster - for Case Study

A few weeks ago Penny Black was introducing their 
new stencil with poppies spring line.  

I signed up for FB updates and e-mail updates with the hope of a giveaway win.
I didn't win, but I got more than I had hoped as 
I was introduced to the designer Jill Foster.  
I immediately had to view all the work of hers I could.
Wow, a bold designer, exactly what I love!
If you are not familiar with
you are definitely missing out!
Just as I feel I missed out because I have just recently 
learned of her.

I really hope that JILL Foster is selected on the 
I will be so spoiled to get to see more of
her work, her style inspires 
me beyond words!!!!

I am trying out too, so cross your fingers for me, 
as I really want to rock some bold goodness 
with Chupa and the team!

Mostly I stick really close to the inspiration, 
and one I really put my flavor on it.

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh


CAS(E) this Runway - Funky Florals

CAS(E) this Runway - Funky Florals

Vibrant and lovely, this COMBO is
really packing the punch!

Waltzingmouse Funky Florals
Two Step Floral Sprig

Posting to the COMBO Extraordinaire,

And a case study cross your fingers.......

I am also CASING Deepti Malik, I am a HUGE fan of Deepti's
Inkwork and sponging and her creative Vibrant work!
So I am also casing her card, and entering this for the 
How would I do there, I would give it my BEST in bold,
and love it!

Here is her Card:

Happy Easter - No Card... Not yet anyways LOL

Just NEWS, of the NON card Variety!

Karate and NEW Pet!

On holidays we call family, and I get ribbed that I don't post family pics here... or updates...oops.
Well, hey...

Here are a few!

Conrad is working his way up in Karate, blue belt and also is taking Kobudo mixed Martial Arts.

He works with a staff and yesterday was his first day of
Sai is a medium hand held weapon that is a "sword breaker"

Conrad must work his way up mastering the staff, and 
the SAI to get
where he wants to work with his weapon of choice, 
which is:
Tonfa is hand held mini handled club sticks

YES, in his class, there is one girl and she is a few years older!

SAI                           TONFA

In other family news, Conrad has a dwarf hamster
and he finally named it after about a week.

This is a funny story, as he was so concerned to name it appropriately for male of female.
Let's start with how we went about this venture...
So we were at the pet store the last 20 minutes, of course we decided before we left the house, we are just going to get all the research and cost and care into.  Scott knows we are going so close to the store closing for the night.  He says, we are "NOT" buying tonight.  I looked at him quizically.  Ok, we all agreed.  So if you know my husband, he really goes with the flow and does not say no, not without good reason. And we know we want all the info so... ok.
Knowing this, I had to say to Scott about three times, just before we go into the store - "We are just 
looking right?!!"     "Yes", he says.  Ok, we all agreed.
So after looking and pricing everything we need the sales guy says,  "So we buying tonight?, 
Scott says, "YES!"
what, I look at him, trying to regain the united front of "just getting the info"
He repeats "YES!"
So we scramble in the shop, get it all and go home happily...
But after a few days, I realize, we have no idea what the sex is..
I call the store up, they have no idea, I am like "You guys don't keep track?  Well, there was only one, so no..I say ok,.
I tell Conrad I will take care of this.  We look on the internet and get the hints, see this guy or gal is so tiny, like a dwarf hamster, at least this one, is smaller than a mouse..
So I get the hints, and determine 89% surety it is a girl.

So he tells me the next day, after much thought, 

Her name is.....
Ta-da is 

hello Miss Wiggles!
I laugh, Wiggles is like a unisex name.....

Peace out everyone, 
Happy Easter!!

Cure for the Monday Blues #13

Cure for the Monday Blues #13

Talk about Eggztravaganza!
This is one HOT Pink and Yellow celebration!

ooh, lookie who is the Guestie this week, !
Oh my the very FUN creative artist 

Check out the FUN inspiration, there is still time!
I am really just under the wire,
apparently instead of crafting, 
I redecorated our bedroom.
(how did that happen?)
Mostly new bedding and moved a few things around..
But it took me awhile as then I started to redo the closet....
Yikes, I should not have started that, 
a drive to the local donation place is in order now..

Back to crafting, yay, though, wow, it is late...
I think I will sleep in tomorrow...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

CASology - CUE : Note!

CASology  - CUE : Note!

CAS fans
you still can play
1 More day to link up to CASology!

Join in [HERE]


Dynamic Duos - Freshly Made!

Dynamic Duos - Freshly Made!

Wow, loved both the Sketch and the Colors this time round!!
--and the Option of Gold on the DD, 
I'll take you up on that!!!

 ....with my clearly besotted arrival, 
I knew just what I wanted!

I hope you are as inspired as me, 
this is a ROCKIN' combo!

Clearly Besotted Flutterby Dreams
Stampin' up!  Rich Razzleberry
Delicate Gold
Memento Tuxedo Black
Mini Pearls
Black and White Cardstock

Join in with Freshly Made Sketches 
[here ]~!

Join in with Dynamic Duos
[here ]~!

WINNERS POST: And Unscripted Sketches#253

WINNERS POST:   And Unscripted Sketches#253

If you follow me, I have 2 Giveaways, 
.....though let's skip down to the WINNERS!!!!

Conrad wanted to help out, 
so I wrote numbered names on slips of paper
and he got to draw winners!

1) The Welcome to Blogging Card Challenges Flikr Friend Liz McDaniel


The winner of the Flikr Friend Giveaway is:
Rebecca Ednie!
Please contact me @ oloughlin.ka@gmailDOTCOM with your snail mail address!
Rebecca's Prize!

2) Unscripted Sketches 5th Anniversary Party !!


The winner of the US 5th Anniversary Giveaway is:
Kelly of Kelly's Place!
Please contact me @ oloughlin.ka@gmailDOTCOM with your snail mail address!
Kelly's Prize!

And now onto
Here is my Card for Unscripted Sketches!
I hope that you all will join us! 

These were FUN Embellishments!!

The Unscripted Sketch Artist Team!

Blog and Sketch Coordinators: Susan and SarahKaye



Just a little Woot Woot....
I entered this card to the Moxie Fab World Style it with Stencils...And found out I was a top pick...
Wow, it made my day!

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh


Friday, April 18, 2014

Paper Crafting Challenges#8 - NO Pattern Paper!

Paper Crafting Challenges - NO Pattern Paper!

I did not use Patterned Paper 
I used 
a stamp and copics to make my own
stamped pattern!


Love this OVERsized stamp!!!

Join us for a chance to win the AWESOME
Sponsor's Waffle Flower Stamp Set!!


Join in HERE!

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